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This site provides informational reading resources in American, U.S. social studies from the pre-colonial period up to the Civil War. The primary objective of this material will be to expand content-specific vocabulary and to develop reading comprehension in social studies. Unit development is based on national and state standards.

Reading, learning, and discovering our past can be a fascinating adventure. I hope you and those you work with can enjoy it as much as I do.

A print format of these units can be found at the Teachers Pay Teachers web site. Generally, the individual lessons contain just the reading text, related vocabulary, and assessment questions. Units contain each of the related, simplified, lesson packages and additional resources such as vocabulary activities, writing extensions, and other critical-thinking skills.

Background: I began my career in the classroom as a reading, language arts, and social studies teacher. Since those days I have worked in the instructional software industry as a consultant, implementation manager, and a curriculum development specialist and manager.


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